Cary Smith – CEM, CEA, CGD, CGI, AEE Fellow The GreyEdge Group

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Cary worked as a Drilling Engineer and related fields in the Oil and Gas Industry from 1972 to 1997. During that time his specialty was advanced and high temperature drilling fluids and drilling optimization. Cary has worked in the GSHP industry since 1997 and has been involved in the design and implementation of over 40,000 tons (140 MW) of installed capacity in North America. He is president and CEO of Sound Geothermal. SGT is a design engineering firm, manufacturer's representative, and distributor for ground source heat pump equipment and accessories. The company is active throughout the western United States and has projects in a total of 31 states. Cary pioneered many hybrid and district energy systems. His projects range from HUD housing to industrial facilities and University Campuses to NASCAR facilities. Cary is a founding member of the GreyEdge Group.

Areas of Expertise

Applying a “Systems” approach to GHPC design is a key to making systems function economically, correctly and with a minimum carbon footprint. This requires complete integration of the Ground Heat Exchanger(GHE), mechanical piping, and controls. As an early adopter of this approach, we have been able to integrate systems from several HUD homes to University campuses. Mixed use applications in City-scape and Campus environments provide ideal opportunity to bring together wasted energy collection and re-use that energy (Energy HighwayTM); significantly increasing System Coefficient of Performance (SCOP). This approach not only increases efficiency or Least Energy PathTM) but also dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emission and water consumption.

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